Kayu Solid Coffee Table

Kayu Puzzle Coffee Table

Inspired by the rainforests of Indonesia, this table is crafted from a single piece of tree root, specifically the exotic Tectona Grandis, the tree which valuable teak wood is cultivated.

Each piece is removed from the earth by hand, and then hand cleaned in Indonesia from a sustainable source. We then finish your product, in the UK, to your individual specification using Osmo Oil, which is created to preserve the beauty of the wood and increase its durability. Osmo is a leading brand which uses only natural ingredients in its products. This ensures, every product is lovingly finished and inspected meticulously.

The Kayu is full of mesmerizing flow of grain and knots, and makes a great statement piece in any living room and great conversation point.

Topped with a choice natural stone, we like to see the flow of marble work with the flow of the grain, will captivate any admirer. It reminds us of a forest in the foot of a mountain.

Available as either square or circular.

Please note the images are for a graphical representation only. All our products are subject to slight alterations, this is due to the natural materials we use and also alterations that may be made for each customer. This process is discussed in more detail with our representative who will be able to show you more accurate photos/representation of the final product.


Length: 100 cm

Width: 100 cm

Height: 50 cm


Tabletop Construction: Natural Stone

Base: Natural Teak Root