Juglan Assymetrical Quad Leg Coffee Table

Juglan Assymetrical Quad Leg Coffee Table

Crafted from Bronze and Black American Walnut, the Juglan range oozes contemporary chic while using traditional materials. The bronze angular finish at the top of each leg is inspired by the characteristic leaf of the Juglans nigra tree, which is easily recognized by its long thin leaves. While the positioning of the legs is formed to represent the nut of the Juglans Nigra, the walnut.

Each leg is meticulously polished to support the solid bronze frame and the beautiful slab of marble.

Please note the images are for a graphical representation only. All our products are subject to slight alterations, this is due to the natural materials we use and also alterations that may be made for each customer. This process is discussed in more detail with our representative who will be able to show you more accurate photos/representation of the final product.


Length: 100 cm

Width: 100 cm

Height: 50 cm


Tabletop Construction: Natural Stone

Frame: Bronze

Legs: Black American Walnut