Special Commission Products

We offer an exclusive bespoke range designed especially for you.


The Oxford dictionary defines nature as “The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plant, animals and the landscape.” It is this phenomenon which inspires us.

Nature is truly awe inspiring, with its engineering marvels and its intricate design, there’s no wonder people have turned to nature to be inspired for millennia.

Our designs are like a journey of emotion, to take you and immerse you into the vision of the designer.

We don’t just take inspiration from nature, we look to preserve it too. We are constantly looking for high quality materials and processes which minimize the impact on our environment.

We hope to make our customers develop a deeper connection with nature with luxurious marble table tops with veining that looks like a river or solid wood bases that can make you feel like your submerged into a tropical rainforest.

For every product we sell, we guarantee to donate the cost of planting at least one tree.